CRRC Community Survey

CRRC Community Survey

Question 1: In our community, how much need is there for:

Question 2: Would you (females) utilize the option of a free mammogram if it was available through CRRC?

Question 3: Would you access basic medical screening if it was available to CRRC?

Question 4: Would you utilize a MHDD/MHMR counselor if they came to CRRC monthly?

Question 5: Do you know someone who would utilize a MHDD/MHMR counselor if they came to CRRC?

Question 6: Please select the top health challenge you are facing:

Question 7: Which of the following procedures have you had in the last year? And, which have you been told you need to have?

Question 8: In the last 12 months, how difficult has it been to:

Question 9: Which of the following class topics would be of interest to you?

Question 10: How much concern for the following do you have for our community?

Question 11: Are you aware of classes and recreational activities at the CRRC Rec Center, on the South Access Road?

Question 12: Which of the following amenities do you think could be added to the Rec Center that you or someone in your household uses?

Question 13: What are the reasons that you or members of your household might not have participated in the Rec Center programs? (Check all that apply.)

Question 14: Which Rec Center activities have you, or a member of your household, participated in during the past year? (Check all that apply.)

Question 15: Which programs would you like to see at the Rec Center?

Question 16: What is your gender?

Question 17: What is your age group?

Question 18: What area of the Canyon Lake Community do you live in?

Question 19: What is your zip code?

Question 20: What is your ethnicity? (Please select all that apply.)

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