Guest Editorial by Eric Cooper, CEO of San Antonio Food Bank

According to Map the Meal Gap 2016, approximately 306,210 individuals (12.9%) are food insecure in the San Antonio Food Bank’s (SAFB) 16-county service area, of which, nearly one in two is a child (145,040), and one in four is a senior (75,100). Reaching households in need across this vast region is a shared effort between the Food Bank and its network of more than 500 nonprofit agencies.

The CRRC of Canyon Lake is a dedicated Food Bank partner in providing critical services for a large portion of Comal County residents who struggle to set the table for themselves. The Food Bank’s nationally recognized efficiency and effectiveness depends on outstanding partners like the CRRC of Canyon Lake. And time and time again, the CRRC of Canyon Lake has gone the extra mile for children and seniors in need.

Food pantries like the CRRC of Canyon Lake provide neighborhoods and communities an anchor of stability and become a place of trust and hope for those living on the edge of poverty. The CRRC of Canyon Lake is known throughout the Comal County region as a food pantry and nonprofit agency that serves the community with integrity and treats its clients with dignity. This kind of support builds trust and respect, which in turn can bring much needed resources to support the agency’s mission.

This is why the CRRC Food Pantry has been honored twice in recent years with the Golden Apple award from SAFB.

The San Antonio Food Bank is proud to have such an outstanding partner in the fight against hunger in the CRRC of Canyon Lake. Children and seniors, in particular, experience less hunger and are better nourished thanks to this trusted agency. The donors, staff, and volunteers who support the work of the CRRC of Canyon Lake should be proud that their effort is truly making a difference.

The community surrounding Canyon Lake is better off and more fully nourished because of our great partner, the CRRC of Canyon Lake.