What you always wanted to know about thrift stores!

Some hints from our thrift store manager:

Prices for the items are based upon their current condition, their age and the current value. But don’t be fooled. There are plenty of great $1 and $2 bargains in the CRRC Thrift Store!

Antique prices are about 1/3 of current retail shop values. If you find something in our antique section, we can pretty much guarantee you won’t find it for less anywhere else. The thrift store manager has been collecting antiques for over 30 years. So, he knows about pricing, and he knows bargains!

Clothing. The condition of the clothing will determine its price. Sometimes, we get top, fashion-designer items. We place those on our boutique rack. You can find clothing items that still have new item tags on them!

Barn items. The last Tuesday of the month is a great time to shop around the barn. It’s not as well-organized as the store, but you can find some amazing items if you have the patience to look.

The staff decides what is housed in the barn. It’s a good “scratch ‘n dent” center for just about anything; and, since it is mainly our hardware section, you’ll find hardware items located in bins and boxes in the back of the building.

What’s the best way to find a bargain? Don’t come looking for something. Just come expecting to find something!

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