County Mental Health Needs Addressed by MAP-NB

In 2015, social service agencies throughout Comal County worked together to develop a strategic plan addressing mental health issues, including staffing, treatment, in-patient care and counseling.

The McKenna Foundation sponsored the six-month project.

Significant information was compiled. Important cooperation was achieved. Ideas and dreams were set in motion.

MAP-NB was one of the outcomes of this planning group.

The services offered through Mental Advocacy Partners— New Braunfels services are free to anyone in Comal County. The services include providing someone to talk to, and so much more, to those who many be experiencing a mental health crisis.

If you have, or someone you know has, problems that are overwhelming them; if they have emotions they can’t control, or you simply can’t understand; there is help. Don’t try to deal with it on your own.

  • Is your drinking driving you to drink?
  • Not eating eating at you?
  • Getting too used to being used?
  • Sad because you’re so sad?

Call 877-466-0660. Talk to someone. You’re not alone.

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