Meals on Wheels Bring Food, Attention to Homebound

Every Tuesday and Thursday, rain or shine, you’ll find some amazing community members gathering at the CRRC Main Office. They are awaiting the delivery of meals from the Meals on Wheels (MOW) program . Not to eat them. But to deliver them around the community. Each week, five meals are delivered to about 50 individuals around the lake.

“This is truly an amazing group of people,” said Maureen Schein, resource program director. “They give of their time, yes. But they also give of their gas, oil, maintenance and repairs of their vehicles – putting miles on their cars to let folks know someone cares about them.” Once, a delivering couple found one of their folks on the floor; he’d had a stroke,

Schein said. “They called 911 and stayed with him until the ambulance arrived. Who knows how long he would have lain there if they hadn’t been delivering that day?”

Other similar instances have occurred that prove the importance of the program, and what these drivers do, Schein said.

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