Seniors Exercise; Stay Healthy – Physically and Mentally

 While our youth see lots of silver and black participating in the basketball teams, the Rec Center is also used to a different kind of silver.

The ever-popular Silver Sneakers attracts participants, 60 years of age and up.

Every weekday, those with adorning silver crowns enter the Rec. The Senior Exercise Program is popular because of its variety, Rec Center Director Andi Taliaferro said.

Silver Sneakers is the longest running senior exercise program at the Rec, but it’s not the only one. Taliaferro said. “We have added Silver and Fit, and the Optum Fitness Program, both of which work the same way.”

While they have regulars that don’t miss a session, “Of course, anyone is welcome to drop in anytime.”

And there are plenty of classes to drop in on. Andi’s Aerobics, Pickleball, Yoga, Toning, Stretch/Breath, Fit &Fab, Silver

sneaker yoga, Tai Chi, Piyo, and Pilates. “Beginners can start with whatever class they feel comfortable with, because all classes are designed for all levels. If they can’t do much, but really want to start getting in shape, we’ll help them,” she said.

On the campus of the Rec Center is the CRRC Community Building. Taliaferro, and her assistant Stephanie Gonzalez, oversee many activities in that facility, as well.

The Dam Seniors is a gathering place for senior fellowship; Young Life youth ministries meets weekly. There are karate classes offered by contract instructors, and a new Recovery Werks program for youth. Mah Jongg game players gather twice weekly and the WOW (work out on wheels boot camp) also visits the campus weekly.

No attendance is taken, but your new friends might cajole you into becoming a regular, like they are.

They might even tell you it’s for your own good.

Exercise can help reduce the risk of falling, and can help to lower the risk of developing arthritis, or other chronic illnesses.

“Regular exercise keeps you moving and active,” Taliaferro said. “You’re less likely to fall. You have better balance, and—best of all—you make new friendships!”

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