Teamwork Building in Canyon Lake

We, at CRRC, know a lot of the other folks in Canyon Lake that provide services to those in need. Sometimes, we work together to make sure people are taken care of.

That happened last week. Greg Eckert, Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) paramedic of Canyon Lake Fire/EMS, was called to visit an elderly lady. He visited with her and her mother and found they were frighteningly low on food. So, he called us at the Food Pantry. Not only did the two qualify for food, but they were eligible for a monthly food supplemental program funded by the USDA.

I asked if he would take the paperwork for that program to them. He took the papers over on Monday and found the mother on the porch with possible broken bones due to a fall. The blind daughter was unable to call for help because the phone was out of order. Greg called for an ambulance. He also traced the phone problem to a disconnected jack, and put it back into service.

What if he had not gone by? How long would the two have worried? How long would the mother have lain there?

CARE – the Canyon Lake Community Assistance & Resources for Everyone is a coalition that is working together to address the needs of our community by sharing what we do and how we do it. By communicating what we are willing to help with, other CARE members can contact us to request help for their clients.

Sometimes, It’s Teamwork.

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