Crisis Assistance

The Community Resource and Recreation Center of Canyon Lake

We help local residents and families who are going through crisis with food from our emergency food pantry. We also provide crisis financial assistance.

Our office also houses the volunteer drivers for Meals on Wheels, distributing meals to our community’s shut-ins. And we have a supply of medical equipment that we loan out.

Community Assistance Facilities Expansion – means we have to create more space to accommodate the demands on the Emergency Food Pantry and the space we need for additional services and programs.

In June of 2014, The McKenna Foundation, of New Braunfels, awarded us a $250,000 matching grant. Our awesome community met the challenge before the end of 2015! But, we are still another $250,000 (or so) from the total we need to complete the construction.

The Clients

More than 60% of local CISD students are on free or reduced meals.

Comal County is the 11th fastest growing county in Texas, and that doesn’t mean just affluent families are finding Canyon Lake to be a great place to live. Numbers of lower income households continue to grow, as well as the disabled and seniors on fixed incomes, and they continue to need food assistance.

Since 2006, the number of individuals seeking food assistance has tracked with the growth of Comal County and CISD.

When we expand their numbers, as well as our own at our average growth rate, we can see that in just a few years, we may be feeding more than 15,000 people each year. More space is needed to store the food needeed by these individuals and families.

In 2009, the pantry growth exploded by 30%, far above the average 12.3% average.

Privacy Needs

Families and individuals in crisis need to have more privacy for discussing needs and problems. Currently, there is no space available to create a confidential space for conversations. Counseling space is needed to discuss budgeting and family issues.

We also have plans to create classrooms to provide lessons on budgeting, diet and nutrition, and job searching and applying.

More Storage Space; Not Just for Food

Two other programs are run out of the CRRC Main Office Building: Meals on Wheels (MOW) and a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) loan program. The containers for MOW distribution need a little space to call their own, without taking away from food pantry space.

The DME is a program that many residents use from time-to-time. Because it is popular, we have to have various equipment always available and handy. This storage takes up a lot of room in our building.