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Thrift Store Donation Guidelines

Items we DO NOT accept:

Unfortunately, we cannot accept certain items including, but not limited to:

  • General Items which are dirty, or otherwise in an un-sellable condition. 
  • Mattresses:  it is illegal to resell mattresses because of health & safety issues and very expensive to have them hauled off and disposed of.  
  • Child safety seats, high chairs, strollers, playpens/play yards, cribs or booster seats (these items are frequently recalled and can be a child safety hazard.)
  • Any printer  (working or otherwise)
  • Furniture which is ripped, stained or over-used. Or has a bad odor.
  • Textiles (bed comforters, bed sheets, pillow cases or towels) which have not been  washed or are otherwise unsanitary and unsafe to handle                        
  • Electronic Items which are broken (with some exceptions below)
  • Carpet remnants
  • Wire hangers
  • Bed Pillows
  • Broken Appliances
  • Paint or Chemicals of any kind. (CRRC is not licensed to handle or dispose of these items in a landfill)
  • Encyclopedias  (new or used we can’t sell them )
  • Kerosene and Gas Heaters. (CRRC is not licensed to handle or sell items of this kind and disposal is very expensive and highly restricted.)
  • Water Soaked or Stained Items
  • Old box TVs
  • VHS Tapes 




Items we DO gratefully accept:

  • Gently used in good, clean sellable, working condition:
  • Clothing – men’s, women’s, children’s and infant’s
  • Footwear –  men’s & women’s shoes, boots
  • Outerwear – hats, gloves, mittens and scarves
  • Books, records (no scratches), compact discs (no scratches) and DVDs
  • Games & Toys – (all pieces and parts must be included)
  • Housewares – dishes, kitchen utensils, small kitchen electric appliances, pots & pans, cookware and bakeware
  • Knick Knacks (giftware)
  • Antiques & Collectibles
  • Hardware and Tools (in working condition)
  • Domestics – curtains, linens, bedspreads & comforters, blankets, towels, ect.
  • Sporting Goods
  • Bicycles
  • Eyeglasses (donated to the local lions club)
  • Old & New Computers (working or non-working)
  • Flat Screen Televisions (working)
  • DVD Players
  • Video Games and Game Consoles
  • Cameras Old & New
  • Framed Art – paintings, prints and wall hangings
  • Furniture – dressers, tables, bed frames and sofas, ect which are gently used and free from stains, rips or odors.
  • Area Rugs (in good condition free of stains odors)
  • Seasonal Items (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving,ect) Christmas lights new in the box please.
  • Craft & Art Supplies
  • Fabric – large pieces and bolts
  • Automobiles – (in good working condition with free & clear title please)

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